Transportation activities

In the field of goods transportation within Slovak republic and Europe we offer following services : 

- transport of goods from small parcel to 24tons

- express delivery of goods

- spedition and freight forwarding


Vehicle fleet

Our vehicle fleet consist of contractual cooperation. Vehicles are driven exclusively within

European Union.

These vehicles are properly and regularly services and checked. Vehicles are equipped with everything for comfortable and untrouble journey and with devices, which can ensure to transport your goods safely ond on time. The matter of course are fastening belts, holds and anti-skid pads.

In addition, wa have taken out insurance of all the vehicles in the field of goods insurance in domestic as well as international transportation.


Express deliveries

In the filed of transportation we also deal with express delivery of goods within Europe.

These services require maximum precision and that is the reason why we devote a lot of time to preparations of our personnel for these services.

In the case of express delivery we provide monitoring via SMS, e-mails or NON-STOP tracking of transported goods via our telephone lines.

The matter of course is also delivering during holidays or weekends.

We transport everything from small parcel up to 10 euro pallets of 1200kg.

Each delivery and goods has its own specifics, which we flexibly adapt to.